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  Sunday March 22, 2015    

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.John Quincy Adams... (Read More)

D Is for Decisive

  Monday February 16, 2015      Posted to eZine Articles

I wonder how many aspiring leaders would have the courage to make a decision in their area of excellence like Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks, when he bypassed the "beast" on the one yard on the biggest stage in professional sports - the Super Bowl. You have to be pretty comfortable in your own skin to make that decision as a leader! Could you have done it??... (Read More)

A Is for Accentuate

  Tuesday January 27, 2015      Posted to eZine Articles

Have you ever blocked a Facebook friend from your newsfeed who always sees the glass completely empty, and half empty isn't even an option? Have you ever been talking to someone on a steamy afternoon when the only vent open is the one called "how much life sucks!" Is there anything worse? Well, imagine sitting in a two day meeting with your team leader reminding you (and the team) that missing your "number" makes you very replaceable. There is no "unfriending" moment here and no off switch for an otherwise brutal day. ... (Read More)

''E' Is for Evaluate

  Thursday January 15, 2015      Posted to eZine Articles

Every time we take action we've completed an evaluation. We complete a series of evaluations every second that promote us to take action. In that same blink of an eye we seen our vision of what we want, we developed a strategic plan and the tactics to employ while assessing the talent and resources to get it done. Boom... and now we eat our lunch!... (Read More)

'L' Means Learn to Lead

  Tuesday January 13, 2015      Posted to eZine Articles

Leadership is a term than we bandy about sometimes like hot dogs at the ballpark on a hot summer afternoon in the middle of August. Occasionally that is a rallying call to hold people accountable so we can create a climate of change and move the team forward. At the end of the day amid a selection of clever cliche and hyperbole mixed with a well placed metaphor and occasional gap in syntax, everyone gets told that they need to get out there and be leaders and reach their goal.... (Read More)

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