Walter Kaminski - Life Coaching Solutions

About Walt

... professionally

I have spent the last 20+ years working in various leadership roles with a fortune top 15 company. I have managed teams, developed top talent, and helped develop the blue print on some incredibly innovative solutions to complex problems. I have joined in the journey through life with many ambitious people and have been fortunate to share in many learnings with them. I have been invited to coach people towards the competencies for promotion, to work through one of life's obstacles, or just a singular event. It can be as simple as co-developing the game plan for a big presentation or interview. I am a results driven professional who thinks and acts strategically every step of the way. I like to engage and inspire my team to think outside the box to problem solve the challenges we face in obtaining our goals. I know that my success comes from developing high performing teams and allowing the leaders to to be leaders. I recommend the book; Good to Great by Jim Collins to everyone I mentor. 

... personally

I believe that everyone has the ability to create a masterpiece, and the finished product won't be cast in the same mold for each of us. There is no formula just as there are no pre-determined boundaries and we are limited by the scope of our imaginations and life experiences. I take many calculated risks. I've had many of those experiences deliver outcomes across the spectrum of success and in some instances abject failure.  I am very proud that from each I have gained tremendous value and humility. It is from the failures that I am most proud. I believe that each time the two by four of life pulled my card from the deck, I was able to recover and turn it into a win. At the end of the day it taught me how to make better decisions professionally and personally, It has shaped the man I am today and the coach that can work with you. I will pull from these experiences as we explore potential outcomes.  

... the Coach

Life coaching is a "co-creative" experience. Only the client knows what they wish to achieve from our session and I play the role of facilitator helping you to draw out the things you already know and use them to support you. I bring a lot of energy to the table and I have a direct style of offering feedback and in my delivery of questions and inquiries. I have been asked what it is I do as I life coach. I respond by saying that life coaching is like making a Disney movie. There is a story with a plot and a therein lies our conflict. Typically the story has a cast of characters with our problem performing as the villain. When the work is being done there is a great deal of action and the thinking of the hero shifts significantly as he aligns all his resources in order to out-duel the villain. The happy ending comes about because the hero has learned from himself how the pieces of the puzzle fit into place in concert with their goal. Let's start on your movie today!