Walter Kaminski - Life Coaching Solutions




Coaching via phone or Skype: weekly, semimonthly, or monthly sessions typically 50 minutes in length. Very individualized service providing for the greatest opportunity to reach individual goals.

Small Group

Sessions in person or via phone; weekly, semimonthly or monthly. Very cost efficient way to share in learning facilitated from the group dynamic. Very beneficial when group members are working towards the same goal.

Large Group

These in-person sessions allow for a more targeted topic but less interaction. Works very well as an introduction to how coaching can help you (and your team) evolve.

Interview Preparation

Preparation and Coaching

If you find the interviewing process stressful or a necessary evil, this program would work best. 4 or 8 weekly sessions designed to belay your anxiety and provide strategies and tactics for success and confidence on the big day. Learn how to develop important questions to ask during the interview that will strengthen your position.

Interview Prep

Role play to various interview questions and follow up questioning tactics. If you are planning a career change, looking for a promotion, or lack recent interview experience, this program might work for you. This can be a single or multiple sessions.


Time Management

If you struggle with time management and think there are opportunities to work through some critical pieces to achieve success, this four session program might offer the insight and coaching to help you get where you feel you need to be.


This program, "Managing Achievement through Planning" is designed to coach people on how to move road blocks out of their way in order to achieve the success and goals they have set. This program synergizes coaching and training in an open dialogue. This is done from a positive frame and has an established reward system integrated into the model so that you feel positive change every week. This program is an 8 to 12 session commitment and is the quintessential call to action you need to jump start your agenda.

Dollars and $ense

This program looks at the basics of financial management and living a profitable life. Financial distress can happen at any age and the damage to credit and confidence can be staggering. In this program we talk about the road blocks vs. barriers, strategies and tactics, and how to take action so that you can meet your financial obligations.